French Land! France! La langue Française! Let's start with the basics.


An absolute super resource for all things FRENCH and one that I often show my students is my Pinterest Pin Page for French and Spanish Classes.

Click HERE to see the Pinterest Board populated with over 2,000+ images, inspirations and lessons on French.

The one thing I see missing is the "How to say it?" category. Often, this is the missing piece of the puzzle for people which is why, *ding!*: Your teacher has arrived! For each French word follow these three basic instructions.

1. Make two columns on a paper.

2. Title the first column: The French Word

3. Title the second column: How to Say It

From now on, every time you see a set of this --> (        ); whatever is inside the parentheses is the "how to say it" and NOT the "how to spell it," OK? For each new word I will have a separate set of parentheses.

For example:

BONJOUR                                                           (bone-zjoohr)

SALUT                                                                  (sah-lew)

AU REVOIR*                                  (oh) (ruh-vwahr)       * most people simply say (oh-vwahr) and leave out the (ruh) part. It's like, "Bye!"

BONSOIR                                        (bone-swahr)

COMMENT ÇA VA?                      (koh-maw) (sah) (vah)

COMMENT ALLEZ-VOUS?        (koh-mawnt) (ah-lay) (vooh)

ÇA VA BIEN                                   (sah) (vah) (bee-yahn)

ÇA VA MAL                                    (sah) (vah) (mahl)

COMME ÇI, COMME ÇA            (kuhm) (see) (kuhm) (sah)

JE M'APPELLE                             (zjuh) (mah) (pell)

À TOUT À L'HEURE                    (ah) (toot) (ah) (luhr)

MERCI                                            (mare-see)

JE SUIS DÉSOLÉ(E)*                 (zjuh) (swee) (day-zoh-lay)     *In writing, use two "e's" if you are female, one if you are male. They are both pronounced the same way.

EXCUSEZ-MOI                            (ex-kew-zay) (mwah)

JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE        (zjoy-yuhz) (ah-nee-vare-sare)


Voilà! There it is! Your introductory lesson on basic greetings in French.