Christmas Lesson in Finnish from Joulupukki (Santa Claus)

arctic_circle_laplandAt this time of year, I am reminded of my time in Finland. Around this week in December, I traveled north to Rovaniemi on the Napapiiri (Arctic Circle) of Finland where Santa Claus Village and Santa live! Santa is "Joulupukki" in Finnish and I have discovered the perfect video, lasting only a little over 6 minutes. In that time, you will be taught basic greetings and farewells by Joulupukki himself. Terve! Näkemiin ja kiitoksia paljon! If you have no idea how to say those - watch the video and practice.

If you are interested in the Finnish language besides this basic vocabulary, I have listed the Finnish for Foreigners book, which did in fact teach me a great deal of Finnish even while I was living, learning and studying in Finland. It is a wonderful resource and I can clearly state: "Kiitos "Suomea Ulkomalaisille"" (Thanks "Finnish for Foreigners") for the language skills I was taught within your pages. I have listed this book in the Amazon Marketplace link on the right. If you are interested, you can pick up a copy of it there. It is actually very good especially if you would like to learn more about the Finnish language and get some quality lessons in the convenience of your home.