How to Wind a Bobbin Tutorial by Sew Girly

My daughter, I will call her "Sew Girly", is 10 years-old and decided to make a tutorial today on "How to Wind a Bobbin" using a computerized sewing machine. You see, she received a sewing machine for Christmas and each day that we have off from school for Winter Break is an opportunity to do something different with our day. Today's weather is sleeting, slizzling (new word that I invented) and slushy. As you can see, she doesn't even leave her pajamas for the purpose of this tutorial because we haven't left the house today due to the weather.

As a service to other young crafters out there, Sew Girly wanted to make this tutorial to a.) showcase how easy it is to wind a bobbin and b.) showcase her ability to instruct step-by-step at a young age. Of course, I am biased and think she is GREAT yet I know the world can be a cruel place. Naturally, if I post this tutorial for public viewing, others may be inclined to comment and some, I imagine, won't have anything particularly nice to say. To deflect negativity and as a concerned mother, I have created this video by link only and I have opted to moderate any comments.

If you have constructive criticism that is positively worded and suited to the audience of a ten year-old, I will share it. Also, if you have praise, I will share it. However, if it is venomous or designed to hurt feelings; naturally, I will not post or share these comments.

Simply stated, the tutorial calls for the following supplies on hand to be able to practically follow along.

  1. A computerized sewing machine. (Sew Girly is using a "Project Runway" Brother brand, 100 stitch count computerized sewing machine).
  2. Thread
  3. Scissors
  4. Bobbin

Have fun and tell us if you are successful in winding your bobbin!