Worst to Best: List of Disney Dining Experiences at Disney World Spring Break 2015, Number Seven (7): Tusker House

I've now been to Disney World four (4) separate times. The last time I went, I HONESTLY spent one month and a small fortune. Twenty thousand dollars and counting. Yes, you read that right. $20,000.00. Let's just say that for the life of me, "money burns a hole in my pocket". I am *that* ridiculous of a spender. This is NOT the blog where I tell you how I paid off $52,000 in three months or the frugal ways in which I save a buck. No sireebob. I am a spender and I am STILL paying for it. Not to mention that I have *added* to my Disney trips with my next upcoming adventure happening in March 2016. This post is a recount of Disney Trip #2, Spring Break 2015 with my kiddos in tow. We judged and ranked e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and I'll be happy to write you back.

From twelve (12) to one (1), I give you the Worst to Best experiences as journaled and photographed by me and my kiddos during our Spring Break Trip 2015.

7th place: Tusker House Restaurant

Our overall family rating of Tusker House Restaurant, located at Disney's Animal Kingdom in "Africa" land, is 78%. Individually, my daughter ranked Tusker House 61%. The son gave Tusker House a 78% and my score was a 96%. What can I say? I love me some buffets!

Tusker House is an all-you-can-eat buffet and has wonderful options inspired by african and asian cuisine. Predominantly, the food at Tusker House takes on an American-African hybrid fusion, as buffets go. Here are three reasons (you decide if they are compelling) that we chose to rate Tusker House as we did. Scroll through the pictures and read the detailed synopses.

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Safari Mickey and the Whole Gang at Tusker House Restaurant in Animal Kingdom.

1. The food we ate was really quite good. Some of the lower scores had more to do with our seating and location that with the food itself. I can tell you that we were seated at the far, far, far and away back of the restaurant, in a corner. It was quite an adventurous voyage to walk the entire length of the restaurant past many empty tables along the way. I understand they probably had a rotation but too far is too far.

2. The characters took quite a while to come to us because they have a PARADE in the middle of the restaurant! It's actually quite fun. I really like the "safari-themed" characters and especially wish that I could have seen Minnie! Regardless, you'll get to see the quintessential Mickey, glorious Goofy, Attitude-in-Action Donald and ever FABULOUS Daisy Duck!

3. They either need to up the air-conditioning or get air-conditioning. We couldn't tell if they had it or not, but in "Africa" even in the spring, it's HOT! Orlando's hot too, which is, as I'm sure we know, where we are actually located. All I can say is that we were quite a bit overheated in the restaurant. Maybe the air-conditioning wasn't reaching us well, considering that we were seated in the back. I bet that's it.

In the final analysis, Tusker House Restaurant sits squarely in the middle of our many-restaurant outings. Not bad, not exceptional - decent. Truly decent. I would say worth it.