Worst to Best: List of Disney Dining Experiences at Disney World Spring Break 2015, Number Nine (9): The Hollywood Brown Derby

I've now been to Disney World four (4) separate times. The last time I went, I HONESTLY spent one month and a small fortune. Twenty thousand dollars and counting. Yes, you read that right. $20,000.00. Let's just say that for the life of me, "money burns a hole in my pocket". I am *that* ridiculous of a spender. This is NOT the blog where I tell you how I paid off $52,000 in three months or the frugal ways in which I save a buck. No sireebob. I am a spender and I am STILL paying for it. Not to mention that I have *added* to my Disney trips with my next upcoming adventure happening in March 2016. This post is a recount of Disney Trip #2, Spring Break 2015 with my kiddos in tow. We judged and ranked e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and I'll be happy to write you back.

From twelve (12) to one (1), I give you the Worst to Best experiences as journaled and photographed by me and my kiddos during our Spring Break Trip 2015.

9th place: The Hollywood Brown Derby


Outside the Hollywood Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios on a busy day


Inside the Hollywood Brown Derby Reception Desk and Waiting Area


An allergy menu: Milk and Egg Allergy at Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant


Cover Art on the flip side of the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant Menu

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The Hollywood Brown Derby in Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park is another two credit restaurant. For this reason, I actually lost money on the deal. Before I went to the restaurant, I had no idea that it would cost two credits. For those that research incessantly, and spend months planning a trip as a full time job, this may have been a known fact to them. To me it was not. I also didn't really know how much each meal cost. For that reason, you may call me naive. At least at the time of the trip and dining experiences, I certainly was naive. I have since come out of "ignorance woods" and I now approach Disney Trips with much more planning and acumen.

The very unscientific breakdown of our dining experience at The Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant is an average score overall of 62%, an overall ranking of nine (9) on our countdown of Disney Deluxe Dining Experiences on Spring Break 2015. My daughter ranked THBD 50% and she had the fish meal pictured above. It was middle-of-the-road for her in terms of taste compared to numerous other occasions wherein she has eaten breaded fish. Her fish was not markedly different from previous home-based fish dining options. My son gave THBD a rating of 65% and I gave it a rating of 72%. As you can see, my kids are much pickier and way more judgmental than me! According to my son, The Hollywood Brown Derby was too crowded, too expensive and the food took too long to arrive. As a result, we ended up getting a fast pass makeup pass, since we missed our window due to the VERY long wait both to be seated and to be served.

I like how a good number of the restaurants place cute little sticks in each off the meals with an "allergy" denotation on them. I think it makes the meal look a little fancy for we allergy folk. My main allergy is dairy but I also have intolerances to gluten, egg and soy. So, each of the meals presented, that I will eat on my Disney Trip will all be Dairy, Gluten, Egg and Soy FREE - from the appetizers on down to the desserts!

For my meal, I had the confit of duck plate. I was only slightly above average. It was certainly nothing to write home about. My son had the steak filet. It has a nice butter sauce. Other that that, our meals were mostly unremarkable, which is sad.  As it stands, the two credit restaurants at Disney seem to pride themselves on being top-quality dining experiences, but in our family's experience, the two-credit restaurants typically score among the lowest on our surveys. They just don't live up to the expectations or the money spent.