Worst to Best: List of Disney Dining Experiences at Disney World Spring Break 2015, Number Ten (10): Monsieur Paul

I've now been to Disney World four (4) separate times. The last time I went, I HONESTLY spent one month and a small fortune. Twenty thousand dollars and counting. Yes, you read that right. $20,000.00. Let's just say that for the life of me, "money burns a hole in my pocket". I am *that* ridiculous of a spender. This is NOT the blog where I tell you how I paid off $52,000 in three months or the frugal ways in which I save a buck. No sireebob. I am a spender and I am STILL paying for it. Not to mention that I have *added* to my Disney trips with my next upcoming adventure happening in March 2016. This post is a recount of Disney Trip #2, Spring Break 2015 with my kiddos in tow. We judged and ranked e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and I'll be happy to write you back.

From twelve (12) to one (1), I give you the Worst to Best experiences as journaled and photographed by me and my kiddos during our Spring Break Trip 2015.

10th place: Monsieur Paul


Waiting for our entrées at Monsieur Paul's


Be like the French! Drink sparkling fancy water like Perrier! It's better from a glass bottle. Très sophistiqué!


Selfie Time at Monsieur Paul's


Lovely water in a turquoise-tinted glass at Monsieur Paul's. Very classy!


Frothy soup appetizer at Monsieur Paul's, Disney World, EPCOT, French Pavilion


Appetizer of Tartare at Monsieur Paul's


Biscuit and Greens at Monsieur Paul's


Un peu de beurre avec le pain, s'il vous plaît! Chez Monsieur Paul


Le plat principal chez Monsieur Paul


Le plat principal avec la soupe de l'oignon chez Monsieur Paul


Plat principal de steak avec des asperges chez Monsieur Paul


Un peu de "Ratatouille" chez Monsieur Paul


Outside the Entrance to Monsieur Paul's Restaurant. Moi, j'ai pensé que c'était assez bon comme restaurant!

Outside the Entrance to Monsieur Paul's Restaurant. Moi, j'ai pensé que c'était assez bon comme restaurant!

Monsieur Paul's comes in at 60% average total overall. Son gave it a 60%, Daughter gave it a 40% and I generously gave it an 80%. Monsieur Paul's is located in the France Pavilion at EPCOT.Here are some key reasons why we scored Monsieur Paul's Restaurant at an average total of 60% between the 12 year-old son, 9 year-old daughter and 39 year-old momma.

  1. By fault of my own, I booked Monsieur Paul's as a late night reservation that unfortunately ended up overlapping with EPCOT'S Illuminations of Earth Nighttime Spectacular. I had set to begin our reservation at 7:45pm. We were seated at the back of the restaurant nowhere near a window. As a result, my kids and I missed the entire show which we were genuinely bummed about. We subsequently ended up lamenting our decision to eat late night at Monsieur Paul's.
  2. On the bright side, I had the occasion to speak nothing but French to the wait staff and chef, that was positively delightful and formidable! It is one reason that I scored Monsieur Paul's higher than my children.
  3. My children were annoyed with the length of time the whole meal experience took. By night's end, we had spent over two hours at Monsieur Paul's. Possibly three hours. I think we were the *only* people in the park after we left the restaurant. On the bright side, we took many photos sans seas of people and that was very cool. My daughter had the opportunity to do cartwheels, flip flops and back handsprings throughout the open spaces of the park.
  4. The food was by and large, OK. In retrospect, as I look at the pictures and think back to the experience, I am not salivating at the thought of a return trip because Monsieur Paul's is a two credit restaurant.  
  5. I believe that to compensate for the pull of two credits from the Disney Deluxe Dining Program, they lengthen the time for all guests so as to make you think you are "getting what you paid for". In the end, it was a "lightly cool" experience predominantly owing to the fact that it was fun to speak only French. Ça c'était une experience très positive!
  6. The Dining Plan types accepted at Monsieur Paul's include: (see below large Monsieur Paul awning photo below):
    Dining Plan Type
    2016 Entitlements Required
    Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan N/A
    Disney Dining Plan 2
    Disney Deluxe Dining Plan 2
    Disney Premium Plan 1
    Disney Platinum Plan 1

    Frankly, I never even had the occasion to purchase a Disney Premium Plan. I honestly don't even know how much that would cost. Regardless, I find it odd that so many restaurants seem to be going the way of two credits. Almost as a regularity, our scores for our dining experiences rate two credit restaurants at the bottom of our lists. There will be ONE exception! (Wait for future posts to unfurl!) Unfortunately, Monsieur Paul is NOT that one.

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