Worst to Best: List of Disney Dining Experiences at Disney World Spring 2015, Number Twelve (12): Cinderella’s Royal Table

I've now been to Disney World four (4) separate times. The last time I went, I HONESTLY spent one month and a small fortune. Twenty thousand dollars and counting. Yes, you read that right. $20,000.00. Let's just say that for the life of me, "money burns a hole in my pocket". I am *that* ridiculous of a spender. This is NOT the blog where I tell you how I paid off $52,000 in three months or the frugal ways in which I save a buck. No sireebob. I am a spender and I am STILL paying for it. Not to mention that I have *added* to my Disney trips with my next upcoming adventure happening in March 2016. This post is a recount of Disney Trip #2, Spring Break 2015 with my kiddos in tow. We judged and ranked e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and I'll be happy to write you back.

From twelve (12) to one (1), I give you the Worst to Best experiences as journaled and photographed by me and my kiddos during our Spring Break Trip 2015.

12th place: Cinderella's Royal Table

With Cinderella at Cinderella's Royal Table Restaurant

With Cinderella at Cinderella's Royal Table Restaurant


The whole gang and Cinderella too!


After the guests take photos with Cinderella, she waits and waits, in costume until everyone upon everyone leaves. Once she twirled and flitted her hands.


Cinderella's Royal Table Menu


Cover Art for the Menu at Cinderella's Royal Table


Snow White at CRT


Sleeping Beauty at CRT


Ariel at CRT


Jasmine at CRT. The only Princess that shows off her tummy!


$60 plate. Gluten, Dairy, Egg and Soy Free.


$60 steak for my son. He was 12 years old at the time.


Dessert is included in the price of the DELUXE meal plan at Disney.


I just might be able to make this "s'more puff" at home. Might need a graham cracker.


Allergy Free Dessert at Cinderella's Royal Table. These come out of a box. I can buy this box of cookies and rice dream "ice cream" at my local supermarket. I know, because I have this fancy dessert at my own house.



Plastic Sword from CRT. Frankly, it doesn't even have the "Cinderella's Royal Table" poorly stamped on it. I think it's a multi-purpose sword suitable for Pirates of the Caribbean, the Caribbean Beach Resort, various carnivals and Renaissance Faires. My son laughed about this whilst waving it about on our mile trek at midnight back to our car.


Outside the entrance of Cinderella's Royal Table, in the hall underneath the castle, are beautiful stained-glass style mosaic murals.

Cinderella's Royal Table comes in at 8% average total overall. Son gave it a 5%, Daughter gave it a 6% and I generously gave it a 15%. This is *by a mile* the lowest scoring overall average percentage of anywhere dining at anytime at Disney. Here are some key reasons why we scored Cinderella's Royal Table the way we did.

1. Getting a reservation for this place is practically impossible. Like a dream, someone dumped off a late night post 9:50 pm reservation (I understand why now) and so I grabbed it because I thought that besides Victoria and Albert's (which is as I understand 5 star, Michelin chef, dream-inspired, world-class, haute cuisine) we *had* to go there. All I can say is that children were sleeping and snoring in the restaurant. It was absolutely hilarious and bizarre. The three of us looked at each other, laughed and sarcastically commented on how this experience and dining was costing us two credit points.

2. We were last in the reception area to be called up to dinner. It's really boring in the reception area when you've taken your pictures with Cinderella and listen to the sound of the dinner gong being played for everyone but you. Eventually the "crown gonger" took pity on us and let my kids have a swing at the gong while we waited our turn.

3. Our waitress was sarcastic. She just didn't see how it was possible to accommodate my food allergy and intolerances at that time of night. (Dairy, gluten, egg and soy are listed in advance on each of my dining reservations). But hey, whatevs. Charge us the same amount anyway.

4. I think the chef was annoyed to have to personally accommodate my allergies, especially during dessert. I don't really complain at all, in person. So, here I am a year later finally writing something about it. I was flabbergasted that I got rice dream in a plastic bowl with three cookies from a box that I could have purchased at my local grocery store. See the picture, inset here, with my "extremely fancy" ice cream and cookies. They really had nothing else for me. This is supposed to be a 2 credit experience and the food was simply lackluster. My son's carrots were overcooked and my dessert was something that I can and *have* made at home.

5. Cinderella doesn't show up to dinner.

6. My daughter got a plastic wand with Cinderella's Royal Table stamped on it. The thing? Most of the paint was already chipping off the wand.

7. My son's seriously carnival-esque plastic sword. Laughable. I think I can buy this sword at the Dollar Store. I think.

8. There are no Photopass photographers for the other princesses. Maybe I'm asking too much. But the thing is, they *used* to give you a professional photograph in a lovely sleeve during your meal at Akershus, circa 2012. Alas, no more of that awesomeness.

9. Did I mention the two dining credit points? I did? Let me go right ahead and just re-mention it here. Again, two credit points. At $60 a plate divided by 2, it comes to $30 a credit which is $7 dollars less that the credit point paid in advance. A loss of $14 for two adult meals and I'm not adding the cost of the "child's meal" which had a better dessert than mine, by the way.

10. The time stamp on the receipt is just prior to midnight. I think that very *telling* and slightly humorous, given the tale of Cinderella abruptly needing to leave before the clock struck twelve. What I'm saying is...it's too late to eat dinner at that time of night. Really, it is. Lesson learned.

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