$17,000 “Diagnostic” Colonoscopy Nightmare

I had a colonoscopy from hell about 1.5 years ago. I am *still* paying for this dastardly ordeal. Apparently there are two types of colonoscopies. Routine and Diagnostic. Routine colonoscopies are paid for through your insurance, by and large near to 100%. Diagnostic colonoscopies are charged rather heftily on your insurance's percentage basis. My routine colonoscopy became diagnostic and was subsequently charged over $17,000 for one of the most miserable experiences of my life. I was overly sedated, the doctor never spoke with me post-op that I recall and I was warned that if I didn't leave the hospital, I would be charged an overnight stay. I was so dizzy and still pooping and peeing on myself that I wish to GOD I would have read this post

What I really should have done right after my colonoscopy from the "bowels" of hell.

What I really should have done right after my colonoscopy from the "bowels" of hell.

before or even right after I had the colonoscopy. I would have called and asked for the credentials of each and every person who determined that my colonoscopy was labeled "diagnostic" instead of the "routine" that I'd expected and I wonder if, just *if* some bozo with barely a H.S. diploma ran my billing as "diagnostic" to the tune of $17,000.

I remember them saying far after the fact, "We found a polyp and removed it." I don't recall one single shred of evidence supporting the claim of polyp removal but I am being charged a king's ransom because the "diagnosis" was that I have a "polyp". I still have $400 dollar to go on this nightmare of a colonoscopy.

Did I mention how disgusting it is to lay on your side with your butt sticking out so that someone can stick a plastic snake with a camera on it up your butt hole? And they say, "Oh it's routine! It's easy! We do dozens of these a day! You'll be in and out!"

Bull excrement. And I'm PAYING for this.

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