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Hi! I'm Tania. It's nice to meet you. If we were talking to each other in real life, I'd reach out my hand to you and shake it with a, "Pleased to meet you!" attached.

The Family and I at Disney's France Pavilion: EPCOT.

The Family and I at Disney's France Pavilion: EPCOT.

I am newly-minted 40 year-old Mother, Teacher, Advisor, Mentor, Tutor, Coach and Online Streaming Gamer. Check me out at www.twitch.tv/Torsteina to see me play League of Legends. Many of my French and Spanish students follow me, perhaps you'd like to peek in on the life of a "vintage" gamer!

I am a Pinterest fanatic, Doctor Who aficionado, Disney freak and Once Upon a Time Fan. I love sci-fi, fantasy, languages, tennis, track and field, Scrabble and Boggle. I have 99+ Pinterest boards and counting! I have a number of varied interests. I am a polyglot (someone who speaks more than three languages fluently), a holder of a Master's Degree in Teaching Foreign Languages and I have lived, loved and studied for over 3 years in Finland, France and Spain!

Did I mention it's nice to meet you? For all the time we are given in this world, I would like to thank you for spending some of with me, here on my blog. If you would like to introduce yourself in the comments section, I will "cybernetically" shake that hand of yours.

As I write this post, it's only a few days until Christmas. If a picture is worth a thousand words then I submit that a video is worth a million. Here is my favorite Spanish Christmas song for kids replete with lyrics and translations for those who do not understand Spanish. I play this for my Spanish classes regularly around the holiday season. Tell me if it isn't catchy!

Mi Burrito Sabanero (My Wise Little Donkey)

Merci! ¡Gracias! Kiitoksia paljon! Obrigada! Tack! Takk! Danke and Arigato!

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