Canceling that Disney Trip!

It takes HOURS to cancel Disney Trips. First, I have to cancel with the Walt Disney World Travel company which redirects me to 1-407-DISNEY, to speak with people in Travel Insurance, since Walt Disney World Travel Company can't tell me anything about how much I'll be refunded or even *if* I'll be refunded. Then, of course they want me to take a survey at the end of each phone call.

Candelight Processional Dinner Reservation at Biergarten in EPCOT

I will also need to individually cancel each of my dining reservations, but the customer service representatives seem to think that connecting me to dining is the quicker way to go about it. Wrong! When connected to the Disney Dining, the are pleasant and cordial but want you to list of a long series of confirmation numbers. I can tell you that it is MUCH quicker to simply get on My Disney Experience and press the "cancel" link under the reservation number. I was done canceling the reservations myself before I could even utter the first long confirmation number to the gal on the phone.

Good thing I called basically have to fish for information. For example, the "Candlelight Processional" Reservation you see pictured here needs to be canceled TWO days in advance, not one. It's not your stereotypical dinner reservation. It's *special*. Had I not asked and held on to the reservation, I would be charged $169.32 for canceling within 2 days. There's special rules and regulations and not everyone is inclined to share these details without a little prodding. I could have certainly gotten off the phone with Disney Dining and taken yet another quality survey on the phone. Glad I didn't.

Then, I had to cancel the hotel reservation with Holiday Inn for the night before my flight home. Thank goodness something was a piece of cake! I was even refunded my rewards points instantaneously! Now *that* was convenient. Thanks!

Walt Disney World Travel Company didn't even send me a confirmation email of my cancellation of the trip! I had to dig into old emails to find my itinerary number when I called to 1-407-DISNEY to find out how and if I was going to be refunded. I'm still not entirely sure what I will be refunded because it is only hearsay at this point. I have nothing but the phone conversation to back me up. Unless it was "recorded for quality assurance" (which I doubt), I can't prove what the gal on the phone said to me - notwithstanding the fact that I could never call her back since I know neither her name not direct phone line. I also purchase the vacation insurance which I thought would make it a bit easier but that department isn't connected to *that* department...and so on. You get the point. Make another call and explain yourself again.

Finally, I am trying to cancel my flights to Orlando. What a headache! It's three hours and counting that I have been trying to cancel all of the components of my trip to Disney. I am worried that due to Expedia's server issues that I might run up against an issue of trying to cancel within 24 hours of my trip. That's not my fault. I was calling hours prior to the 24 hour window. I know I am cutting it close, but still...not my fault. Now I am going to have to explain myself again. Current trip cancellation effort time? 4 hours. That's half a workday so far.

And so comes the end of the story. Even having purchased travel insurances from both Disney and Expedia and spent now 5 hours on the phone with various agents from various businesses I am forfeiting:

$200.00 to Disney for a canceling the trip within 1.5 days of arriving.

$77.50 to Disney Travel Insurance, non-refundable

$223.20 to American Airlines and Expedia, non-refundable but since I purchased travel insurance, I will receive a credit voucher for future travel with American Airlines. But, wait! There's more. There will now be a $200 re-booking fee assessed when I use my credit voucher. If I didn't have the travel insurance through Expedia, that re-booking fee would obliterate the amount of my credit. Eventually, and in some way, Expedia will refund my re-booking fee. But, the refund of the re-booking fee is ONE TIME ONLY use. So, never mind at all if I would ever have to cancel again for any reason! Caveat emptor!

Sum Total = $500.70 NOT REFUNDED to me today on monies that I have already paid.

Moral of the story? It can cost you over $500 if your cancel within 2 days of a planned Disney Vacation; travel insurances and all.


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